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Roast Yourself! How to be Invincible🔥

I’m kind of an extreme guy and that works for me. I work incredibly hard- and I desire to build my business into a huge successful organization.

Hey if you’re such a hard worker, why are you sitting on your ass doing a podcast that nobody will listen to?”

Haha,fair, fair

Alright… so many people are crippled by the opinions of other. They want to start a business, or make a bold move in their life, but worry too much about what the few people who know them might think. The fear is a natural thing, I get it. Most of the time its people close to you. People who opions you value, but they dont understand your current mindset. It usually people holing you back parents or friends

“You don’t have any friends you stupid fuck”


Everyone has heard AT LEAST HEARD the advice- “don’t care what other think.” This is very difficult for people to do, I understand, I’ve seen people who can’t get past this. I’ve dealt with it. People I know weren’t convinced I had what it takes when i first started, rightfully so. My friends called me “t-shirt boy” thinking there wasn’t a chance I’d make it out of the basement. “You really quit your job for this? Wow man, hope this works out”

But I dont blame them, How the fuck was printing t-shirt in my moms basemebt to make me the success I was talking about, the millionaire i wanted to become?

“You’re not a millionaire dumbass!”

Hahah, how do you know?

I have a natural confidence, but I also learned & read “you have to start from somewhere” I knew others couldn’t see my vision. I knew I had to have my own perspective. I think people understand this, this episode isnt about the fact that you have to ignore other and listen to your self. It’s about a tactic that helped me do this and I want to share to HELP you be able to listen to yourself and build yourself up into someone who can make bold moves and do big things!

I’ve adapted a new theory that is my among my favorite things ever. I want everyone to feel as free as I do by adapting this! Tear down those mental walls and those voices internally and externally that make you question yourself!

Here it is! Learn to love getting roasted! Roast yourself!

The natural human default mode is that everyone desires the approval of their peers, and they don’t like accepting criticism.

Again, I think most people know this, but struggle with it- what you SHOULD do it “Don’t desire the approval of others, and accept criticism.”

Well here’s how I think you can start thinking- Don’t just accept criticism, enjoy it. And THEN I take that to the next level. Don’t just enjoy i, ACTUALLY learn to LOVE getting made fun of, mocked & ridiculed! Doing this makes me invincible.

“You’re not invincible, you’re invisible. Nobody knows who you are and your podcast sucks!”


First of all let me clarify confidence is a major part of this. I believe this can work for and be beneficial for anybody. But I understand everybody isn’t wired the same. The purpose of this is for people who want to make it big in life. People who want to create businesses and be known and remembered for what they brought to the world.

Alright so Think about it. If you’re listening and you’re like “Why the hell would I ENJOY” getting made fun of? Let me explain.

Who’s famous and has attention that doesn’t get shit at scale?

CEO’s & Politicians get SHIT ON all the time. They get made fun of on SNL with people acting like them. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone play you on SNL!?

They can’t do it unless there’s something to mock.

Again, im not talking about learning to accept criticism and mocking. I’m talking about loving it. I’m talking about PREFERRING it over the alternative.

Me starting this podcast for example. It’s Increasing my chances of saying something dumb or doing something stupid. I don’t have a professional studio yet, I’m working on sound and my shitty voice and things like that. I’m such a dumb rookie haha!

If you literally enjoy getting made fun of, you’re more likely to do things where people will make fun of you…

But guess what happens when you’re thinking like this.

All that fear is gone. Remember that natural fear I discussed earlier? It’s vanished as a side effect!! (Eliminates Fear)

When you’re actively looking for ways to make fun of yourself so you can laugh, think about what you’re doing. You’re being self aware. You’re learning about yourself. You’re scanning yourself for weaknesses. That’s so important in business! If you know where your weaknesses are you can hire around them. Fix them or accept them. (Self awareness)

Don’t just learn to accept criticism. Do things crazy and bold enough to welcome criticism! Then enjoy it!

If you make the moves and end up getting only praise, well that sucks, but I guess I can deal with some compliments & admiration.

See what I did there?

I said before if my entire business fails and I go back to my mom’s basement. That would be hilarious. It would also be an epic part of my next comeback.That brings it back to the confidence. By laughing at yourself it help makes the problemic issues you face better, but you have to stay confident and can NOT become self loathing. That’s not what this is. Obviously in life you don’t want to fail big time, but it happens to many. You want to put yourself in Win-Win Situations. This approach can help you do that in bad times. (You can’t Lose)

Now I understand there is a difference between a funny jab between friends, and a mean-spirited insult.

Treat them the same! It’s hard.

Now, I advise It’s acceptable to come back at them too but do it in a light hearted away. That’s a big part of this. Always take a light hearted approach to either being brutally mocked or jabbed. I’ve argued with some people in my comments before. They often unfollow me after. I don’t unfollow them. I keep liking their content (You become the bigger person)

It’s funny making fun of others right? I’m not talking about young vulnerable kids bullying a weaker kid on the school bus. I’m talking about adults.

This advice is rated R for roast

I’m talking about my favorite events to EVER exist- ROASTS! Roasts are amazing because everyone up there on stage has decided to laugh at the jokes.

People who can’t laugh at themselves are the worst! Everyone knows that.

So if mocking others is funny, why wouldn’t it be funny if you got mocked!? (Laughing makes you happy)

That’s why this works. The advantages are that it Eliminates Fear, gives you Self Awareness, put you in a situation where you can lose you can’t lose, it makes it easier to become the bigger person & you get to Laugh! C’mon laughter is the best medicine, am i right?

I had to learn most of this shit in college when I had to deal with a crazy situation that involved the entire college & then the entire town got involved. I haven’t had the honor or privilege of having any public or media type scrutiny while building my business these past 5–7 years. But I had a situation in college where I was getting looked at from all over the place. I’m talking about DUBFEST.

All the other colleges around me had unofficial festivals,and I created a facebook page for this idea of Dubfest! I went to westchester in philadelphia, the city was sometimes called the Dub-C, that’s where the dub comes from.

Facebook Page,

Everyone Joined

School Freak

I was on the NBC news and met with the president of the school, and then they mayor.

The school wanted me to take the page down, but I insisted on keeping it up. I wasn’t going to have the school tell me what to do, I thought it was a good idea, almost every student in the school joined the page on facebook in the first few hours, it went viral.

The first thing I had to deal with was comments to me.

Much more nice face-to face, SGA, friends, etc.

So many Different opinions

Easy thing to do was take it down, but was that the best thing?

I remember the situation, and I remember I enjoyed being the center of this story.

Next I had to deal with the media & local bloggers!

The media spun my interview to make it sound bad

JOe KNows blog tore me an asshole, but alot of people were agreeing with me too

I remember one random comment was someone saying “this kid is hanging in here, seems like he has what it takes to make in the corporate world”

“You probably wrote that quote yourself, you self obsessed party boy”

Talking about you publicly, lucky if this is the case

The basic phrase is that ‘No publicity is bad publicity’

But i just think if you want to be somebody whos going to make it big, people are going to talk about you.

Just learn to appreciate that fact, learn to enjoy it. I was having alot of fun during this whole fiasco.

One of the hardest things I think for people who don’t take this approach, most people, normal people

Is people talking about you behind your back. That’s just a bad feeling for alot of people.

Well i but this right in this conversation as one of those things to learn to LOVE! Think of it as a good thing that people are talking about you. If you’re going to run an organization of people, then they are obviously going to talk about you. You are powerful, they need to discuss you. Learn to Love it.

Ultimately dubfest wasn’t a success. The town brought police for other townships. The school basically won. There was a little energy for the next year, but it never gained legs in real life. Only on the internet. I could have tried harder to make it something, but

Group of friends

Failed Festivatil

“Thought youd have a statue”

Ultimately a failure Commonly made fun of. I love these insults because overall it was just a funny 3–4 months where I made a bold move. If I could go back, I would do it again, it was fun and felt great. Everyone had their opinion, but the situation was on me. Because I enjoyed the mocking, the pressure, the criticism i look back on this as a positive event.

I know i’m somebody who can take the heat it takes to build things and make bold moves.

I want this for you so bad!!!!

Based on all my thoughts here, it is obvious I love comedy central roasts

I’ve seen every roast on comedy central. At least all the recent ones. Something about people laughing when they’re getting made fun of make me so happy and optimistic. And they are so fucking funny.

Comedy Central- really only do celebrities.

Here’s some of the recent roasts:

Hugh Hefner

Bob Saget

Larry the Cable Guy

Pamela Anderson

Donald Trump

Charlie Sheen


James Franco

Justiin Beiber

Rob Lowe

Bruce Willis

Alec Baldwin

All of these people are entertainers! They are actors, singers and comedians. The only people on this list who aren’t full time entertainers and more (kinda) in the world business is hugh hefner and donald trump.

Think about it! All these people are rich and successful and they like getting made fun of. It’s a good trait to have. The one even became president!

White house correspondents dinner- STRUCTURED thing to make fun of best president

I’ve seen pretty much all of these and my favorites are justin beiber, donald trump & james franco.

Personally, I want to see a roast of business people, this needs to happen!

Here’s some people I would love to see at a roast

Mark Zuckerberg

Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk

Gary Vee

Grant Cardone

Tim Ferris

Mr. Wonderful from shark tank

Mark Cuban

Billy McFarlane with the fire festival

Theres just so much material there with all their stories and business! A roast would be great

? Those guys have to deal with their public perception I guess since they run public companies. But hey elon musk smoked weed on joe rogan’s podcast so who knows?

I really want everyone to be happy and successful and be able to have the mindset to make bold moves and accomplish big things. I really think if you think about this and learn to love getting roasted, it will really help you.These are skills you can develop, i really belive that, so jus think about it, try next time to enjoy it and laugh when you’re the bud of a joke. Take criticism openly and light-heartedly, you are the center.

Learn to love getting roasted, learn to not just accept it, learn to love it!

Eliminate Fear! Be more self aware, be a better person, laugh alot, and become somebody who can take it.

Go Get Roasted!


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