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Does Comfort Motivate you, or make you Lazy?

Let’s be honest- you’re comfortable!

We live in the greatest time in human history. Food, shelter, clothing- the basic human needs. We’ve all pretty much got that covered for little effort.

It’s Easy to be motivated when you’re hungry and your only option to feed your family is chase down and kill a buffalo like our ancestors. Life was simple because you KNOW what your objective is.

During WW2, depression & suicide were at an all time low across the USA and the world because every citizen had an objective. Whether it was fighting, working in the factory to supplies for the soldiers, or collecting scrap metal form ammunition, everyone woke up and KNEW what was important!

Life is so good today, that it's basically more complicated because we have our basic human needs met.

Here’s the question…

You’re Blessed. You’re Comfortable. You’re Lucky to be a human in this modern day.

Does this fire you up with gratitude? Or does it make you lazy because theres nothing to fight for?

For me, my motivation IS the fact that I'm so lucky to be a human today, in this amazing age with the internet. I have the greatest opportunity to go do something big in this world that my ancestors would have killed for!

Since we're so comfortable. We have to create deadlines for ourselves, we have to create enemies for ourselves. Set crazy goals, work like a dog to make it all happen. These things push us towards accomplishment.

And nothing feels more rewarding than accomplishing something great, just like when our ancestors hunted down that buffalo!

So it's up to you, does your comfort motivate you?

We often take the comfortability we have for granted. We can easily do nothing and be comfortable. Is that the life you want? For me, it's all about stepping OUTSIDE of that comfort zone.

It may be scary at first, but once you overcome a fear or obstacle that you thought you never could do, then you will feel a sense of fulfillment unlike any other. This will drive you to push further and further each day. SO set goals and do something UNCOMFORTABLE! Because at the end of the day, it's better to fear regret than to fear failure.


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