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Certified Player Hater: Squid Game Sucks

Ever hear of Squid Game? At least two times a week I’ve been asked that question. The show is based in Korea. It’s about a bunch of helpless people who are in absurd debt. Some head honcho Asian gives this other desperate Asian a card and he decides to call the number on it. Next thing you know hundreds of Asians are locked up in a complex and they all agree to play a crazy game. The losers die a horrible death and the last man standing wins a shit load of money. The money men behind this slaughterhouse are a bunch of rich white people because capitalism is evil and businessmen are racist. How original.

Reasons to hate this show:

  1. COVID times are the worst times and this shit is depressing. We need more comedies.

  2. There are subtitles in the show. I don’t like to do work when I consume content for fun.

  3. The rich white businessmen are the worst actors. Picture a black guy imitating a white voice in the most stereotypical way.

  4. This show is not productive. It’s a small piece to a massive puzzle to brainwash your mind.

I had a conversation with some nerd about this show. This dumb fuck told me the plot then the conversation took a turn. Debt was brought up and then capitalism. I knew I had to look this up immediately because I was genuinely interested in seeing how much of a retard this person was. I just think it’s stupid the fact that Squid Game gave them a direct connection to hating how our society is structured. Maybe I was just talking to one imbecile and maybe I shouldn’t assume everyone thinks like this. But fuck that because all I see trending is cancel culture and how rich people need to die because they deserve nothing.

The writers and creators are a bunch of hacks. I hate the subliminal message that they drill into the viewer to think that money is the root of all evil. This show is all part of the greater plan to destroy the moral fabric of our society. It’s a beautiful playbook for the social justice warriors and losers who need to complain about how their government is so racist. Start at the schools, invade pop culture, buy Hollywood, take over media, etc. I gotta hand it to those snowflakes, they are playing 3D chess on us and we barely see it or care about it. I don’t plan to watch one episode of this nonsense. I don’t like it one bit and if you like it I could give a shit. This show can go fuck itself.

Niko, Certified Player Hater

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