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Here’s why being persistent is so important...

A lot of people have a misconception that great accomplishments should be easy.

“Billionaires just took advantage of the system and took from other people”

“I could easily have a million followers if i had that much money handed to me.”

“...Of course they are successful, all they did was hire people”

This understanding is either naive, or just plain stupid. People who think it's easy to make it big in business are the same people who are tricked by these fake entrepreneur accounts with private jets, fancy cars, chicks in boats on bikinis. Most of those people are faking it. These are the people who don't read, maybe the last book they read was harry potter. They will read a summary of one of the great success books, and think they understand it. In the book 48 laws of power, one of the rules to being powerful is to PRETEND that your accomplishments were easy & effortless. Don't be the one getting tricked all the time!

Im here to tell you the truth. It's important to know the fact that every great accomplishment comes from hard work, patience & persistence. If you don't understand that when you try to start accomplishing something, you will give up when it gets hard. You’ll think “Whats the point?” “this is way to hard and its not worth it”

That is a losing mentality. You deserve nothing.

Persistence is REQUIRED!! It wont be easy. You'll have to learn new ways to do things, deal with pain, overcome the inevitable problems. Not only is being persistent required for success, It's also admirable, honorable, and a trait to be respected! So if you still think it will be easy to accomplish great things, listen to me, build persistence and overcoming obstacles as part of your personality. Theres are the very basics. I just wanted to put it down in this blog for those who are still learning the basics. This is so important!

We often take the comfortability we have for granted. We can easily do nothing and be comfortable. Is that the life you want? For me, it's all about stepping OUTSIDE of that comfort zone. It may be scary at first, but once you overcome a fear or obstacle that you thought you never could do, then you will feel a sense of fulfillment unlike any other. This will drive you to push further and further each day. SO set goals and do something UNCOMFORTABLE! Because at the end of the day, it's better to fear regret than to fear failure.


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