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The Beginning: Mom's Basement

The Beginning: Mom’s Basement, Young Hustle, Screw-Ups, Getting Scammed & Valuable Lessons!

“Failures are like Battle Scars. Chick Dig the Battle Scars” -Sean Lowery

It's wild to go down a path that I basically erased from my memory for the past 8 years, my first business ‘Pongee Studios’. I recap my first crazy 6 month business journey with my partner at the time, John DeSouza. We were so ready to take on the world! I was optimistic, fierce & full of energy! But I was young, stupid & inexperienced.

We discuss the beginning in my Mom’s Basement, how we attained $40,000 sales in 6 months. But more memorably we discuss messing up jobs, angry clients, getting scammed, and dealing with obstacles.

Most importantly we discuss how 6 crazy & problem filled months shaped us into stronger people for life & business!


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