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Focus on One Thing; BAD Advice from Gary Vee

BAD Advice from Gary Vee

A piece of advice from #GaryVee caught my attention- and i couldn't disagree with his messages here more!

Focus on one company and resist the urge to do many things when you're first starting! I explain in detail why this is a bad piece of advice from the big shot Gary Vee.

A small clip from my podcast with @mike_sherrard! I love this conversation. I’ve been talking about the importance of an #entrepreneur staying focused on ONE thing since my podcast began. It’s actually a complicated topic that can be confusing. We break it down to a science on the episode 28 of the #SeanLowery✏️ Show! Let me know your thoughts!

One problem with this is that it’s only natural to GET SICK & TIRED of this one thing. Do I get sick of shirts & monograms & bags of packages after seeing them every day for my adult life?! Yes I do sometimes. But you need to stick it out.

Since you need the 10,000 hours, just buckle down & ignore the urges to restart in something else. This is a reason to love the process of the #business more than the product/service. The passion of seeing my business grow outweighs the boredom of being around the same thing for years.

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