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5 Ways to Think Better

The Sean Lowery Show- Ep 5- How to be Smart if you're an Idiot like me! Take a swig of *Sean's Secret Stuff* I'm not a genius by any means, but I have had some early success in business! If you're an idiot like I am, this episode shows 4 points on how to become smarter and have a more powerful brain for business & life! Become Smarter AND become Happier.

Sean Lowery Show Early Days
Sean Lowery is an Idiot

1) Eliminate Personal Bias🚫 You know that feeling where you defend your sports team no matter what? Don't do that with your ideas. Be Wrong. Adjust your Opinions.

2) Think for Yourself & Fuck Short Term Approval🖕🏼 Are your thoughts your own? Most of us are assigned our opinions. Think your own thoughts & express them. This will cause short term conflict with those who want to assign your opinions for you. Deal with it. People will respect you in the long run.

3) NEVER Lie to Yourself🤥 If you can't trust yourself, you cannot be smart. Confront your own lies internally. Challenge yourself.

4) Don’t Underestimate the Power of your Brain🧠 What you think about over & over becomes true. Dream Big. Be Specific. Believe it. Think about it positively every day. Dumb people think this doesn’t work. Smart people KNOW it works.

  1. Eliminate Personal Bias

  2. Think for yourself and fuck the approval of others

  3. NEVER lie to yourself

  4. Don’t underestimate the power of your brain! Shout out to Space Jam!

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